PRISMA Space Frame LLC exists for more than 24 years in Dubai/UAE. Among its vast history the company has developed a quality management system, for better satisfaction of the needs of its clients and to improve the management system of the company.

The purpose of this prequalification document is to highlights the company’s vast experience quality, workmanship and perfection in the execution of contracted ...

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Space Frames

Space Frames

A Space Frame is a structure of linear elements so arranged in a configuration that internal forces are transferred in a three dimensional manner.

Space Frame can be produced in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

The System comprises 4 main elements namely:

1. Tubular members with welded endplates.
2. Bolts and ball bearings.
3. Inner plates.
4. Ball joints.


1. Mild Steel Space Frame

1. Pipes:  All Steel Tube with minimum yield strength of 240 N/mm2. 2) Ball Joints, Hexagonal Nuts & Inner plates are made of Steel Grade C45 with Minimum yield strength of 360 N/mm2. 3). End plates are made from solid round Steel plates welded at each end of the tubular pipe and are of the same quality of the tube. 3). Bolts  For  securing the member between the pipes and the ball joints. Bolts of Grade 10.9 are used. Sizes  as required by design. 4). BallBearing Interfacing the hexnut & bolt.  Material is High Tension Chrome  Nickel Steel.5) The Pipes are Hot Dip Galvanized and Two Coat Epoxy Spray Painted. The Components are Electro Galvanized and painted.6) Design is as per BS 5950

2. Aluminum Space Frame

1. Pipes:  Extruded from Aluminum Alloy 6061T6 or the equivalent  with minimum yield strength of 195 N/mm2
2. Ball joints (Nodes): Hexagonal Nuts and End Plates are produced out of Aluminum Alloy 6061?T6 or the equivalent. The End Plates are threaded in pipes (No welding allowed)
3. Bolts: minimum grade 10.9 as required in the design. The bolt connection is completely concealed. No holes in the hexagonal nuts will be made.
4. Structural analysis to be carried out according to the relevant BS 8118 (Structural use of aluminum)
5. Loading conditions are according to the prevailing British Standards.
6. No holes are made in the pipe for bolt insertion.
7. Aluminum space frame members are provided in powder coated finish 


3.Stainless Steel Space Frame

1. Pipes Stainless steel tube grade 316 
2. Ball Joint, Hexagonal Nuts,End Plates are machined from stainless steel shafts grade 316  
3. Bolts Galvanized steel Bolts Grade 10.9 as required in the design
4. All components are machined on Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC)
5. All members and nodes are polished to mirror or satin finish.

Point Fixed Glazing

Point Fixed Glazing

Point-fixed structural glazing systems are the ideal solution for architects striving to achieve maximum light and transparency within large areas.

Prisma Bolted Glazing System comprises the following components:

1. Spider Arms

These arms are made from stainless steel material grade 304/316.  The function of these arms is to fix the glass panels to the supporting structure.

The arms are placed at either side of a steel fin plate welded to the supporting steel structure, as shown on attached details.

2. Glass Fittings

These fittings are machined from stainless steel material grade 316.  The function of these fittings is to fix the glass panel onto the spider arms.

The fittings penetrate the glass panels at each corner through 36 mm / 25 mm diameter holes.

3. Plastic Sleeves and Rubber Washers

The function of these components is to prevent contact between glass and stainless steel and to ensure water & air tightness.

Glazed Tension / Cable Structure

Glazed Tension / Cable Structure

Tension cable supported walls offer a visual “wow” factor unlike other point-supported glass walls. As the support cables are so slender, the glass appears to float free without an obvious support structure. This highly technical look is a more costly point supported system and is generally used in large entrance lobbies and atriums.

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Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior

General  administration Building of Ministry of Interior,  Abu Dhabi- UAE.


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