Point Fixed Glazing

Point Fixed Glazing

Point-fixed structural glazing systems are the ideal solution for architects striving to achieve maximum light and transparency within large areas.

Prisma Bolted Glazing System comprises the following components:

1. Spider Arms

These arms are made from stainless steel material grade 304/316.  The function of these arms is to fix the glass panels to the supporting structure.

The arms are placed at either side of a steel fin plate welded to the supporting steel structure, as shown on attached details.

2. Glass Fittings

These fittings are machined from stainless steel material grade 316.  The function of these fittings is to fix the glass panel onto the spider arms.

The fittings penetrate the glass panels at each corner through 36 mm / 25 mm diameter holes.

3. Plastic Sleeves and Rubber Washers

The function of these components is to prevent contact between glass and stainless steel and to ensure water & air tightness.